Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Outdoor Play: Cardboard Box Play Kitchen

There are some amazing outdoor play kitchens and mud pie garden areas around on the web, I'd love to create some sort of space in our garden, but at the moment we're still digging up lots of concrete and the majority of the garden resembles more of a builder's yard than a garden!  So given the girls love play cooking, this was our temporary outdoor kitchen set up this summer - a cardboard box kitchen in the garden for sunny days and with lots of pine cones perfect for autumn too.  Great for lots of imaginative play.

Stored in the garage we have a box of bits and pieces for play cooking outside.  We've got a couple of saucepans, wooden spoons, some old oven gloves, a rack with wooden blocks and utensils pot.  The cardboard box simply had a hole cut out of the front on three sides with the remaining flap forming a door and the piece of wood on top is just to give a flatter, firmer surface to work on.  

I also put out a bucket of pine cones for play and the girls also have access to a herb bed and various leaves and petals around the garden (within reason!)  You can add all sorts of things - sticks, stones, conkers, leaves, mud, sand and water.

Busy stirring!  

All the cakes ready to go in the oven.  

Collecting herbs for cooking - some sage, rosemary and marjoram - smells lovely!

The herbs being carefully shredded to go into the mixture.

And into the oven.

The girls had a lot of fun with this and it was really good for playing together (without too much squabbling!)  Cardboards boxes make such fantastic play things, we previously made a cardboard box house, a cardboard box pirate ship and a cardboard box tent.  I can't wait to make an area in the garden that's a bit more weather-proof for this sort of play and wouldn't fall apart if they wanted to do the washing up there too - maybe a project for next year! 


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