Thursday, 20 September 2012

Podding Beans Sensory Play and Bean Art

This is a post from last autumn that I never got around to posting so now it's Autumn again I thought I'd share it.  We're just about ready to do some of this again with the beans from this year's crop!

Last year was a great year for the runner beans and french beans in our garden, so much so we couldn't keep up with eating them fresh so we left a load to dry on the plant with the plan to store them and use them over the winter in stews and soups.  At the end of their growing season it was time to collect them up and pod them.  What a great activity for little hands!

These are our black french beans.

Little Chick loved helping to do the podding.  The beans are dried which makes it much easier to get into the pod and she could do it all herself.

Lots of lovely hands on stuff.  Great for developing fine motor skills and concentration.

I gave her a few different pots to put them in and she enjoyed moving the beans from one pot to another or pouring them into the big bowl.

Little Chick also loved the sensory aspect of putting her hands in and scrunching them around and lifting up handfuls and running them through her fingers.

Once we'd finished podding, we collected all the bits and did some natural art with them.

This is Mummy's Lion.

Here is Little Chick doing her own picture, she loved the beans and wasn't really interested in using the pods for her picture.  Again some great fine manipulative skills and lots of fun.

Little Chick 3.5 years

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