Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Shaving Foam Marbling

Over the summer we've been having lots of fun outside, making the most of messy activities whilst the weather is good.  

Shaving foam marbling is something we've been meaning to have a go at for a while and it was definitely a great one to take outside and get messy! 

I gave the girls each a tray of shaving foam, some brushes and sticks and then we set about adding blobs of food colouring and seeing what happened when we mixed it in.

The mixing is beautiful. And this is the point at which you should do your prints for marbling, but the girls were a little exuberant with their mixing and we only managed one print before it all turned into more of a grayish-greenish colour, see below! 

But that's still a lot of fun to be had - so whilst you're at it- get your hands in!

The girls were loving playing with the shaving foam but wanted more colour.  So we then got our poster paints and glitter pot out and just kept adding things!

And the girls got busy making prints.  Shoeshine got the hang of it really quickly.  (The glitter really did get everywhere - I love the sprinkling that seems to have got into Shoeshine's hair!)

The poster paints mixed with the shaving foam made for some great vibrant colours.

The girls had quite a production line of pictures going on, putting them in various bushes in the garden to dry.

Here are a few of the pictures whilst still wet.  We found that you really needed to scrape off the excess shaving foam before leaving to dry otherwise it never made it to being dry!  Thicker paper would also have been good as a number of our pictures were very soggy.

Here are some of the pictures once dry (below). 

Once dry the colours weren't quite so vibrant and they weren't really proper marbled paper and some of the picture had so much foam on them they never made it to being dry, also the glitter didn't stay stuck once they were dry (we didn't expect it to as there was no glue) so I think you'd definitely have to call this process based art!

And I love this one where you can clearly see the two little hand prints from where Shoeshine pressed down to make the print!  

Shaving foam makes for a great toddler art activity/messy play time.  It's a great play medium for all kinds of messy fun. 

Other ideas for play with shaving foam include Shaving Cream Bath Paint from Meet the Dubiens, Park in the Snow Small World Play from The Imagination Tree and finally a fabulous round up of Shaving Cream for Kids: 67 Ideas for Art, Play and Learning with Shaving Cream  from the Artful Parent


  1. Try adding glue to the shaving cream before you add in the paint, it makes the paint creation puffy, and it turns your fabulous pictures to puffy paint pictures.

  2. For childcare you are not to use shaving cream under the age of 3 years in case they digest it.I put it in ziplock bags with color for the children to mix( reinforcing the opening with tape)


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