Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Toddler Art: Watercolour and Wax Crayon Resist

The other day we finally got around to painting with some watercolours - I can't believe we haven't done this before now, as it's been on our wish list for ages.  I absolutely love doing this type of watercolour wax resist.  I remember as a kid doing endless secret messages on blank letters then to be painted by the receiver to reveal an important hidden message! With Shoeshine who is 2 we're not quite ready for secret messages but the magic of the revealing a hidden picture when the paint goes on is still amazing.  The freedom to scribble and to paint with large brush strokes makes this a great art activity for toddlers developing early mark making skills and motor control development.  (It's also great with older ones too and Little Chick did a slightly more detailed picture - to follow in a separate post.)

First I got her scribbling with a white wax crayon.  Doing the first one she was a bit confused as to why she couldn't see her drawing, but after that she definitely got the hang of it.

It was amazing to see the pattern slowly emerge.

She added some orange to the red.  Next time I'd like to get the full range of colours out to work on a bit of colour identification and naming with Shoeshine, who knows all the words for the different colours but at the moment allocates them fairly randomly to coloured items!

And this is one of the paintings after it had dried.  I just love the effect of watercolours and I can't wait to try some more things out with them.  Stuck for ideas?  Check out The Artful Parent's great post with 55 ideas for painting with watercolours. 


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    1. Thanks for featuring us, I feel honoured - love Tuesday tots linky so many great ideas. Ellie


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