Thursday, 11 October 2012

Baby Play: Autumn Treasure Box

This is a post from this time last year that I never quite got around to finishing, but as we're heading into Autumn again I thought I'd get it finished and post it now.  Seeing the photos again it's amazing seeing how much Shoeshine has grown in the last year - she's definitely not a baby anymore!  

This was our Autumn Treasure Box.  Based on the idea of Treasure Baskets (see here for a fantastic summary from The Imagination Tree) I love giving Shoeshine little boxes or baskets with a few non toy items to explore and play with. 

The idea of treasure baskets is all about giving your baby natural, everyday objects for them to explore.  It's all about allowing them to explore using all their senses.  Babies love exploring things - the saucepan cupboard, the laundry basket, your desk drawers!  Exploring with their hands, exploring with their ears and of course exploring with their mouths.  Treasure baskets are great for babies from around 6 or 7 months when they first sit up until about 18 months (although at nearly 4 and a half Little Chick still loves a beads and bracelets treasure box).  The things can be anything, such as shiny things, noisy things, nature things (and as always use your judgement as to what is suitable for your child and supervise them).  Now I can't wait to make up a few more for Baby Boo when he get's big enough to sit up and join in the play.

This is our autumn treasure box of pine cones and stones.  There are loads of other things I could have added (leaves, apples, conkers) and looking at it now it is perhaps a little on the sparse side of things, still Shoeshine seemed to enjoy it. 

I just love the face of concentration when she first looks over the side of the box to see what might be inside and then getting stuck into picking things out and putting them back in.

Exploring what noise they make when you hit them together.

Exploring the smooth texture of the stones in contrast to the rough texture of the pine cones.

And of course she loved taking the lid off and putting it back on lots and lots of times!

Shoeshine 14 months

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