Thursday, 18 October 2012

Baby & Toddler Play: Discovery Bottles

As part of the 'try not to smother your baby brother with love' efforts in our house, I suggested we make Baby Boo some discovery bottles to play with and for them to play together and show him.  At 5 months he's still a little off sitting up and being able to play with them himself, but Little Chick has been so desperate to make them and I was getting tired of being asked at least several times a day when we could make some I thought we should get on with it!  

Discovery bottles are such a great idea for baby exploring and play.  With different sounds, colours and moving objects within they are perfect for rolling, shaking, waving and of course all babies favourites - putting in their mouth!  We made 6 bottles this time, but I'm sure Little Chick will be wanting to make more, so I'm sure we'll be adding to the collection.

Blue bubble bath and a couple of plastic fish.  The higher viscosity of the bubble bath mean the fish float slowly around which is very relaxing to watch - although they probably would be better in a bottle without ridges as the fish occasionally get stuck.

Water and Sequins and a glass pebble to give it a lovely sound when you turn it.

This is one of Little Chick's favourites, it has glitter a few blue glass pebbles, clear washing up liquid 

and lots and lots of glow in the dark stars.

Coloured poms poms of different sizes.

Sand and seashells.  These were some of the shells we collected on holiday in the summer and again a good noisy one as well as good at playing hide and seek and counting games for Little Chick.

Colourful feathers.

Little Chick really enjoyed making them.  First we'd added juice bottles to our shopping list and had fun looking for suitable sized bottles at the shops then over the next week we enjoyed drinking some nice juice and getting them ready to making into discovery bottles!  When you're done you can either super glue the lid on or put tape around the top (toddlers are often amazingly good at undoing things you think they couldn't possibly manage to undo!)

And as I said Boo is still a bit too young to be playing with them by himself so Shoeshine is enjoying making the most of them at the moment.

  Shoeshine enjoys carrying them round, lining them up, shaking them very hard and of course showing them to her little brother.  Little Chick also likes making a lot of noise with them and also counting up the items in the bottles.

Little Chick 4.5 years
Shoeshine 2 years
Boo 5 months

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