Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Kid's Get Arty Link-Up: Kandinsky Art Trees

We're linking up again with Kids Get Arty and this time we had a look at Kandinsky and made these lovely Kandinsky circle trees.  This simple idea came from Art Projects for Kids I loved how colourful, simple and easy it is to do (some days you just don't want any more mess and the paints are definitely staying in the cupboard!).

 Kid's Get Arty Link-up is a bi-monthly linky, all about exploring art, having fun together and there are no right or wrongs - perfect!  It's hosted by some fabulous blogs Red Ted ArtThe Imagination TreeImagination SoupMom 2 Posh Lil Divas, Creative with Kids and Tinkerlab and we're very excited to be taking part. 

We had a look at some of his paintings online (alas I would have preferred a trip to the art gallery but if not the internet will do!)  We chatted about colours being similar or contrasting and about the different shapes he uses, circles, triangles, rectangles and squares etc. And also about shapes being the same but smaller or bigger than the one next to them.

I had cut up some circles, triangles, squares and rectangles and a tree trunk and gave Little Chick the materials to create what she wanted to with it. (Next time I'll get her to do some of the cutting as it's great activity for developing their fine motor skills.) Straight away she wanted to do something with the tree trunk.

She then got busy arranging and glueing.  I know Kandinsky's style of art lends itself to using paints and letting the colours mix together. Little Chick just isn't keen on letting colours mix on her paintings so I thought glueing and sticking the different colours would be a good way to get her exploring colours and still plenty of opportunity for individual creativity.  Maybe next time we'll try some painting and mixing to create even more variety of colour. 

I just love the combinations of colour she's chosen.

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  1. I LOVE Kandinsky art trees. They are so beautiful and yours are just LOVELY!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Arty.

    Great to see you there.



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