Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Ocean Play Dough: One Tiny Turtle Book

We love linking the books we read with play and we love playing with play dough, so we had a go at re-creating the story of One Tiny Turtle in some ocean inspired play dough.  And of course embellishing the story with the addition of all kinds of other sea creatures too!

This is a lovely book from a great factual series telling the story of the life cycle of a turtle; where it grows and how it returns to the beach where it was born to lay it's eggs.  It's a really nice detailed picture book and contains some beautiful illustrations.

First the ocean was made with the addition of some shells, sea creatures and rocks.  The shells and stones were collected on our summer holiday this year.  Also Little Chick was keen to add lots of blue glass pebbles, which apparently are seaweed.

Little Chick was keen to add the beach, so we used some natural coloured play dough (actually the herb garden play dough we made a little while ago)  The eggs are the penguins eggs, apparently the turtle hasn't finished laying hers yet!  I made the mistake of saying "well done for making the turtle eggs and got promptly told, 'No Mummy those are penguin eggs, can't you tell?" 

Shoeshine loved printing the seashells into the play dough and lining up the sea creatures on various rocks.  Then squashing and squishing them into the play dough 'ocean'.

It was great seeing the girls work on their own creations next to each other, sharing out the various shells and stones and little figures.

We had lots of fun retelling the story of how turtles crawl onto the beach at night and lay their eggs in the sand.  I was thinking the next thing we needed to do was have a trip to the local aquarium to see some real sea creatures in action.  And a week later with Granny visiting, we took a trip to the local aquarium to see some real sea creatures.


We saw some amazing jellyfish.

And lots of brightly coloured fish, a few sharks and even a tank with turtles in! 

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