Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Homemade Christmas Wrapping Paper: Snowflake Negative Sponge Printing

Inspired by our recent reading of The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats we make some home made Christmas wrapping paper using sponge printing and snowflake cut outs to create some beautiful sparkly negative snowflake prints.

This book has some fantastic art and the illustrations are really beautiful. 

We mixed up some of the colours found in the illustrations.  We talked a bit about different shades of colours and how they are used to created contrast.

Then with a large roll of white paper, some kitchen sponges and a few cardboard snowflake cut outs (these were some left over Christmas decorations from last year) we got busy making prints all over the paper.  We talked about how some art is made using paint brushes, but that some artists use printing methods to create their pictures.

The girls started working their way around the table, filling the paper with snowflakes.  I couldn't resist adding a few of mine into the mix too!

Slowly the paper filled up with snowflakes.

After doing a few snowflakes Shoeshine just wanted to sponge paint so she started filling in all the gaps around the edges.

Chick wanted to add some more sparkle, so filled in some of the other gaps sponging with silver glitter paint.

The negative prints of the snowflakes came out beautifully.

Then we left it to dry.

We then used some of it to wrap Baby Boo's Christmas present (it was already in a cardboard box so the girls didn't get to find out what it was.)  All ready for opening on Christmas Day!

Also here's the link to last year's cookie cutter printing wrapping paper.  Making wrapping paper is a great way to some big art I love this idea from Filth Wizardry and  this one from Inner Child Fun

Monday, 17 December 2012

Play Dough Christmas Trees

We've just decorated our Christmas tree this and it reminded of decorating these play dough Christmas trees from last Christmas.

Green play dough, Christmas cookie cutters and some beads, simple and fun.  Play dough is so good at keeping little hands busy!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cardboard Box and Toilet Roll Nativity Scene

Over the last week we've been having fun making our own Nativity scene from the contents of the recycling box and some fabric scraps.  Creating the characters of the Nativity is a great way to encourage story telling and learning together about the Christmas story.

As we begin to prepare for Christmas in our home it is good to have this play scene as a visible reminder of the story we are celebrating and the real meaning of Christmas.

First up was to make the stable, this year we went for a house with a stable next door with red brick tiles. (I'm not sure this is really much like houses would have been in Bethlehem then but never mind!)

Yesterday we got busy making the characters of the story.  We used cardboard tubes/toilet rolls, pens, fabric scraps, gold chocolate wrappers, string, tinsel and lots of glue!

First up were Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus.  (I love Joseph's curly beard!)

Next we set about some shepherds.  Again lots of beards!

The three kings. 
 We had some brown painted cardboard tubes left over from our pirate telescopes earlier in the year and these were great for the darker skin of the wise men from the East and also a nice starter conversation about the diversity of people there are in our world.

And finally the angel.  

Little Chick and I had lots of fun choosing the fabrics, I did the cutting of the fabric and tying the headband whilst Chick did glueing and drawing on the faces.  Shoeshine just enjoyed drawing lots of faces all over her toilet roll and didn't really want any clothes for hers.

We then assembled our characters with their stable and house, cut out a star for the sky and found an animal trough for baby Jesus.

Finally we added a bit of straw.  All ready for small world play and story telling.

Although apparently I had forgotten the fairies that needed to join the angels above the stable! 

Here's our pipe and pipe cleaner nativity scene from last year.

Little Chick 4.5 years
Shoeshine 2.5 years
Baby Boo 7 months
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