Thursday, 24 January 2013

Fairy Winter Wonderland, Forest & Castle Small World Play

We're big into fairies at the moment, so we created a winter wonderland for them and a forest small world play scene for them to play in out of scraps of fabric and other bits and pieces and a fairy castle from wooden building blocks.  Small world play scenes are great for storytelling, imaginative play and creativity.

For the winter fairy scene we used some reflective paper, scraps of white fabric and white tissue paper, some tinsel, a few tree blocks and a load of packaging foam discs for snow.

Yep this stuff made great snow - but I won't deny it did go everywhere, although we did contain it to one room, but not something I'd leave them unsupervised with as I imagine I'd have it 'snowing' all over the house!

We had lots of adventures of fairies riding through the forest to rescue trapped animals, we had an ice skating party on the frozen river and a winter picnic!  It was a mixture of me telling stories using the scene and the girls coming up with their own stories and games whilst we played.  It's really interesting watching how the girls play and just how differently they approach the same thing, although some of this may be partly the different in age.  Shoeshine loves moving all the fairies around, having lots of conversation between the fairies, whilst Chick seems to most enjoy making the scene in the first place and describing what's going on and who is who.

Little Chick looking at her reflection in the frozen river.

The woodland scene was made of some green and blue felt, tree blocks, pebbles from our summer holiday, left over painted fir cones, fabric petals, silk flowers and glass stones.

The woodland forest fairy land included a wooden house complete with fire and chimney (a battery operated tea light wrapped in some red and orange tissue paper.)

An upstairs extension was added to the fairy house and an additional tree house built next door.

Another day Little Chick built her fairies a castle.

(As their Dad is a structural engineer, this was a very proud Daddy moment to see her construction!)

Meanwhile Shoeshine built a castle for her fairies (alas Baby Boo is not yet on the move so not able to cause havoc - yet!!)  The girls have also promised Baby a prince figure for when he's bigger, because Chick didn't think he would want a fairy, I suggested he might prefer a knight, but she thought a prince - lucky him!

For those interested the fairies and unicorn are made by Papo and the horses are Schleich.  One of things I love about these fairies is that the ones that ride horses are also cleverly designed to be able to stand up (by the positioning of their dresses.)  This makes them so versatile for playing and avoids the frustration of them always falling over whenever you take them off their horse.

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