Friday, 22 February 2013

Baby Play: Textures Treasure Basket

Babies love exploring things and small baskets of everyday objects, sometimes called treasure baskets, are brilliant for keeping them busy - for a little while!  We have a few different baskets and each week I change his basket for a different one and put the old one away for a little while.  Sometime I mix them up and make new ones too.  I find this keeps them fresh and provides new interest and also limits the amount of toys all over the floor that have to be cleared up!

 I found this basket of bath accessories in a charity shop just after a Christmas and with all those different textures to explore I thought it would be a great little basket for baby Boo.  At 9 months and being very happy to sit and have things brought to him by his big sisters he's at a great ages for exploring with these.

It contains:
Hair brush with plastic bristles
Nail brush with natural fibres
Texture back massage
Sponge wrapped in a textured mesh
Squishy body scrubber
Nail file.

It has proved very popular, he loves handling them all, feeling them,taken them in and out of the basket, trying to squash and squish and then of course he loves exploring them with his mouth!

One of our baskets contains our every popular discovery bottles (and it's not just Boo that enjoys playing with them either!)  I've also a few more I plan to share soon.

Also see here for a great summary of heuristic play and treasure baskets from The Imagination Tree.

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