Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Baby Play: Noisy Treasure Basket


Here is our Noisy Treasure Basket for Baby Play.

The basket contains:
Noisy discovery bottles, with rice, butter beans and colourful buttons
Saucepan lid
Wooden Block
Egg shaker
A rain shaker (I keep meaning to make some homemade ones with the girls)

The three new noisy discovery bottles we made. Rice and plastic beads, dried beans and colourful buttons.

This one has proved really popular, and again I find it really interesting how much the older two girls enjoy rummaging and fiddling and exploring what's in the basket too. 


Boo loved the egg shakers  - first you need to suck them, then you need to find out what happens when you bang them together!

 Although I have to say this is not a good one for days when you already had a headache and just need some peace and quiet, it is very popular with the little ones!

See here for our Baby Play Discovery Bottles and Textures Treasure Basket.


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