Sunday, 10 March 2013

Colours and Geometric Shapes: Simple Glueing and Sticking Abstract Art & Creative Maths

Simple glueing and sticking art, exploring shape and colour.  And who would have thought we'd be learning colours, developing maths and visuospatial skills all at the same time!

I gave the girls some coloured paper cut into shapes, craft glue and paper.  I made circles, squares, rectangles and triangles.  With older children you could also get them cutting out their own shapes and use more complex 2D shapes (hexagon, pentagons, trapeziums etc.)

This started out as an activity to help Shoeshine with her colours, but actually Chick enjoyed it just as much. 

It's always great to seem them enjoying themselves and learning new things at the same time.  
Some of the things they're learning through creating and exploring:
Simple 2D Shapes
Shape names
Spatial positioning

Ideas for developing learning:
Using more complex 2D shapes
What shapes can be combined to make other shapes.
Tesselating shapes
Diffferent sizes of the same shape - bigger/smaller, ordering and sequencing
Forming pattern sequences
Irregular shapes
Seeing shapes in everyday things (e.g house with a roof  or a flag on a pole)

It is really interesting to see the different stages of development at 2.5 and 4.5 years and I'm also probably seeing their different personalities coming out in how they approach the project.  At 2.5 Shoeshine's picture is all about shape and colour and positioning on the page.  Whilst at 4.5 Chick's picture is about using shapes to represent things, combining shapes to form the desired compound shape and careful positioning and overlaying.  That's what makes art so exciting, give two children the same material and you get two totally different pieces of art!

Shoeshine age 2 years (above)

Little Chick age 4.5 years (Flags on flagpoles, traffic lights and a house).

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  1. Oh I beat you to that one, but I had no idea it was developing so many different skills!


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