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Kids Get Arty: Monet Sunset in Venice: Sponge Printing & Mirror Images

Kid's Get Arty Link-up is a bi-monthly linky, all about exploring art and the great artists, having fun together and there are no right or wrongs - perfect!  It's hosted by some fabulous blogs Red Ted ArtThe Imagination TreeImagination SoupMom 2 Posh Lil Divas, Creative with Kids and Tinkerlab and we're very excited to be joining in. Do stop by some of these blogs and see some amazing and creative ideas linked up.

Having been exploring light and rainbows recently, we had a look at Monet's San Giorgio Maggiore al Crepuscolo  painting with it's beautiful colourful sunset in Venice.

A few weeks ago Chick asked about a painting in our dining room where the sky is red and said "so the sky isn't always blue then", this then led on to discussions about light, sunsets and rainbow and this painting links in with this really well. 

San Giorgio Maggiore al Crepuscolo (1908) Oil on Canvas

We looked at the picture and talked about all the colours in the sky.

 We then got all our paint colours out.  We just used standard poster paints. Chick lined them up in the order they came in the sunset and we talked about how Monet mixed and overlapped his colours, and how we could use sponge printing to get this effect, but only have one sponge and not washing the sponge between changes of colour to look at what effect that had as our picture progressed.  I find that Chick in particular tends to want to do very detailed things if we use brushes so the idea with using sponges was about creating an overall effect of colour mixing and building up the picture as we went along. 

We looked at the painting and found that red was at the bottom of the sunset, so we started off with this colour.

We chatted about not leaving any white spaces and overlapping the colours, referencing back to Monet's painting on the computer.

They started building up their rainbow coloured sunsets.

Shoeshine's sunset picture taking shape. 

Shoeshine doing her second picture. She really enjoyed using the sponge and printing everywhere.  Shhoeshine is 2.5 years so it was mainly about exploring, mixing and naming the colours and talking about the rainbow colours of the sunset, rather than looking at specifically at Monet's art, which was more what Chick who is nearly 5 was doing more of.  

Shoeshine's finished pictures.

Chick's finished picture

 At this point Shoeshine was finished, but Chick was keen to do some more so we looked again at the picture and looked at the reflection in the water and how it was a mirror image of the sky, so she set developing our ideas and having another go with the sponge printing but this time I suggested creating a mirror image print with it. 

She created a sunset picture on the top half of the paper.

Then folded it down the middle, pressing all over to get the paint to transfer.

And opened it up to reveal the mirror image printing.

Finally she added some buildings, sponge printing with some brown paint, looking carefully at the shape of silhouette of the buildings (we hadn't added that before the fold as she'd observed that the reflection in the water wasn't quite the same as the actual buildings in the picture.)  She was really pleased this picture.  And it was lovely to see her develop her skills as her first picture the sunset colours were quite boxy but with this second one she seemed much more able to interpret the sunset colours interweaving. Not that there are any right or wrong pictures, but it is nice to see them develop and be pleased with their final pictures. 

I love the mixing of all the colours.

And then we left them to dry.

They are now displayed in our hall where we have a wire and little pegs to hang some of their pictures, collages, paintings and artwork.  So which artist next to explore?

Previously we've looked at Anthony GormleyKandinsky and Suerat and there are so many more great artist and works of art to explore!

Chick 4.8 yrs
Shoeshine 2.5 yrs

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  1. Oh my, what a wonderful post!! It is really hard to explore artists such a Monet in a child friendly way and you found the perfect project!! Love both the sponge approach AND the mirror print. Wonderful!!

    Thanks for joining in with Kids Get Arty!



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