Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Light & Making Shadows: Playful Science

We've recently been learning a bit about light and one of the things we've been exploring is shadows.  A simple set up of a blank wall and an ikea desk lamp on the floor was all that was needed for exploring with light and shadows.


We looked at our shadows, making shapes with our hands and bodies.  It's a long time since I've had such silly fun making crocodiles and rabbits with shadows!

 Chick then collected up a few objects and toys to have a look at the shadows they make.

We looked at what happens to the shape of the shadow when we rotated objects and how Peter Rabbit's  shadow was mainly the same whether he faced forwards or backwards, but that the carrot shadow changed sides when he was turned round and his sideways shadow was different to when he was facing front or back.


We explored what happened to the shadow when the brush was moved nearer or further from the light.  How the shadow grows larger but is less dark and less well defined the nearer the light you move it.


What an enormous crown and princess!  The giant princess was very popular with Chick, she did a lot of dancing across the wall.

One of items Chick had collected was a balloon so we looked at the balloon's shadow and what happened when the balloon was right up by the light, exploring translucent objects.  

(We managed not to pop the balloon, but I wouldn't recommend putting the balloon so close to the light as the lamp did get quite hot)

We also took photos of our silhouette. If I'd been organised enough to tape some paper to the wall we could have drawn them too.

I'm now looking forward to the summer and exploring shadow outdoors and also looking at how your shadow changes over the day and how sundials work.

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