Monday, 20 May 2013

Literacy and Writing Travel Workstation

A travel workstation, to keep all the pens and paper in one place and great for travelling too.  A free creative station to draw, scribble, write, create, log and record.  A great way to encourage writing practice too.  This is something that Chick suggested making, she's been really intrigued as to what Daddy does at work and has taking to playing going to work and requested to have a work station.

We used an old laptop box and I got her to find all the right stickers for her name and workstation, I then suggested an alphabet chart for reference which she made with all the capitals and small letters.

As we were going away to visit family I stocked it up as a surprise for her.

I included:
Pen sock and Pencil Sock
Pencil sharpener
Letter Stickers
Glue Stickers
Our Alphabet counters
Post-it notes
Various sizes and coloured sheets of paper

All packed ready to go (obviously it doesn't look this neat now!)

I then glued on sheets of pretty paper, just to make it look pretty. 

Someone is very keen on it and the bonus is that with Baby Boo who is now on the move, it's great to be able to fold away the pens and bits of paper before he gets his little hands on them!

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