Saturday, 11 May 2013

Making a Weather Chart

With lots of sunshine, then rain, then wind, then sunshine, then clouds and more rain, our family is fascinated by the British weather, seeing both what it's doing and whether we can predict what it will do next.  The first part of learning about the weather with little ones is simply looking, observing, experiencing and describing, so we drew some weather charts to help us record what the weather was doing, encouraging us to look and see.

Shoshine got busy drawing her different weathers and Chick got busy writing the different sorts of weather from Kipper's book of weather and drawing pictures.

They then glued them onto a larger piece of cardboard to make their weather chart.

Along two sides were the different types of weather, with a movable clothes peg to mark the day's weather.

Another side was about how warm or cold it is and what clothes we might need to wear.

We added a spinning wheel for the four seasons in the middle.

And the finished weather charts, Shoeshine's (2yrs 10 months) on the left and Chick's (5 yrs) on the right.  As you can see Chick did most of the writing herself and the pictures are very detailed, whilst Shoeshine mainly enjoyed the glueing and sticking and drawing her own interpretations of things, which is what you'd expect at this age. 

We also did a science experiment forming rain clouds.  The ice on the top of the plate is for cooling the plate.  Boiling hot water is added to the glass jar and the plate put on top, then we watched to see the steam evaporate and then condense into droplets on the underside of the plate.

And a here at 14 story books about the wind and rain we've enjoyed previously, this book is probably our favourite weather book.  

Weather learning with little ones: 

Rain - Here's our rain gauge we made last autumn and simply getting out enjoying the rain with wellies and umbrellas
Temperature - we've just got a thermometer for the garden so are planning to read the temperature and write it down each day for the next week.
Wind - Again feeling the wind is the best way to learn.  Designing and making a wind sock is on our to do list.
Clouds - also on our to do list to explore more.
Snow and Ice - so many things to try - but the weather's got to be right!

And don't forget the humble pine cone weather station!

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  1. An inspired idea, so much learning made fun in here.


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