Thursday, 2 May 2013

Princess Tiara Birthday Cake

Chick turned 5 last week and as requested the cake had to be pink!  I wanted to keep it simple and in the end I was really chuffed with how it turned out and it was pretty simple too (thank you also to my Mum for looking after the children so I could make it in peace, take some photos and not be rushing round trying to finish it at 11 o'clock at night!)

I used fondant icing and coloured it with baby pink from the sugarcraft range.  The tiara and necklace were a little set for 99p from the 99p store and the bows were each two strips of left over fondant icing that I squished about into bow shapes and then cut a little rectangle to put over the middle. 

 I don't have a cake stand or board so I used the base from a larger cake tin as my base and then lifted it up with the cake tin I had used for the actual cake and wrapped that with pink ribbon, I thought it made a very effective budget cake stand!

I also made a few cupcakes with pink and white icing with sprinkles or mini tiara cake toppers (20p each from the specialist cake shop)

And a very retro pink jelly cream rabbit and party ring biscuits.

The inside of the cake was an elderflower sponge, sandwiched with elderflower and gooseberry jam.  The fondant icing was 'stuck' on with a thin layer of pink buttercream icing left over from the cupcakes.  The cake is simply a victoria sponge but with 5 tbsp of elderflower cordial added, adapted from a cupcake recipe.  

And 5 candles - wow!  A very pink and very girly celebration!  We also made some princess crowns and did a Cinderella treasure hunt which I'll hopefully post about soon.  

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