Thursday, 20 June 2013

Rainbow Colours Scavenger Hunt

We been having fun with a Rainbow Colours Scavenger Hunt.  With Shoeshine learning her colours and  Chick exploring sorting and categories, it was a great co operative activity and popular too!

We got our colourful plastic kitchen bowls out for this fun game.

Little Chick is just starting to learn to read so we did this simple matching game, getting the colours in rainbow order and then finding the right written name of the colour.  She did most of it by saying the colour name out loud, then working out what the first letter sound was and trying to find it.  We then got hunting for colourful things.

Shoeshine went hunting with the red basket.

And when that was full, she went hunting for purple things.  Chick of course had the pink bowl!

When we'd collected things for all the bowls, we chatted about the different colours and their names.  With Chick we also talked about sorting by colour and did some more sorting, by their feel (soft or hard), what they are made of (fabric, metal, plastic) and size. 

I'm also looking forward to having a go with an nature version of this game with an egg box that's had each section painted a different colour, an idea I've seen several times on the web.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Imaginative Play Stick Fairy Wand

With the sticks we collected on a countryside walk we made some fairy wands for some creative play and fairy magic in the garden.

Simply sticks and glitter star stickers and you're ready to be a fairy.

  We re-enacted Cinderella, then the girls created their own games of fairies and Chick did some story telling about what the fairies were up to.  

They also spent lots of time turning their baby brother into a frog then into a prince then back into a frog!

He meanwhile just enjoyed playing with the sticks!

A great accessory for sparking off loads of imaginative and creative play.  Since making them they've now been added to their dressing up box and are often got out with the fairy outfits and wings.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Outdoor Play: Mud & Water Play Kitchen

The girls have requested somewhere they can cook their tea when they are living in their tent!  A simple set up of bricks and off-cuts of wooden planks in our garden creates a great place for cooking with mud, water, petals, leaves and herbs.  Loads of space for imaginative and creative play outdoors, exploring the natural elements found in the garden.

Stirring the pans.

Adding ingredients

And doing the dishes

They spent lots of time disappearing off to go to bed in their tent and one of them being sent to prepare breakfast.

Previously we've made a cardboard box play kitchen, but this is great for leaving out in all weather (particularly with the rain that we seem to have plenty of, here in the south west).  I think this will be a very popular area of the garden over the summer as we spend more time outside.

With the girls it seems to be all about the pink camelia petals, water and herbs, so am wondering if Baby Boo will be into these or whether he'll be straight for the mud when he gets playing in the kitchen - so far he's definitely a mud boy!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Cinderella Treasure Hunt

We did this treasure hunt game at Chick's Princess Birthday celebration with a couple of friends and it seemed to go down well.  It's also a nice alternative to pass the parcel as there is no winner and everybody gets to join in. I found ten items that link to the story of Cinderella and wrapped them all up and numbered them. 

I then hid them around the garden and got the kids to go treasure hunting but not to unwrap them yet but bring them back to the middle of the lawn.  They looked all around the garden and found lots of the clues and everyone got a chocolate for being such good treasure hunters. 

We then attempted to unwrap the items in order trying to guess what the story could be (although I don't think it really matters if they all get unwrapped at once)


Little Chick unwrapping the butternut squash - alas no pumpkins at this time of year!

We then briefly went through the story of Cinderella putting all the bits into the story.
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