Sunday, 9 June 2013

Cinderella Treasure Hunt

We did this treasure hunt game at Chick's Princess Birthday celebration with a couple of friends and it seemed to go down well.  It's also a nice alternative to pass the parcel as there is no winner and everybody gets to join in. I found ten items that link to the story of Cinderella and wrapped them all up and numbered them. 

I then hid them around the garden and got the kids to go treasure hunting but not to unwrap them yet but bring them back to the middle of the lawn.  They looked all around the garden and found lots of the clues and everyone got a chocolate for being such good treasure hunters. 

We then attempted to unwrap the items in order trying to guess what the story could be (although I don't think it really matters if they all get unwrapped at once)


Little Chick unwrapping the butternut squash - alas no pumpkins at this time of year!

We then briefly went through the story of Cinderella putting all the bits into the story.

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