Monday, 10 June 2013

Outdoor Play: Mud & Water Play Kitchen

The girls have requested somewhere they can cook their tea when they are living in their tent!  A simple set up of bricks and off-cuts of wooden planks in our garden creates a great place for cooking with mud, water, petals, leaves and herbs.  Loads of space for imaginative and creative play outdoors, exploring the natural elements found in the garden.

Stirring the pans.

Adding ingredients

And doing the dishes

They spent lots of time disappearing off to go to bed in their tent and one of them being sent to prepare breakfast.

Previously we've made a cardboard box play kitchen, but this is great for leaving out in all weather (particularly with the rain that we seem to have plenty of, here in the south west).  I think this will be a very popular area of the garden over the summer as we spend more time outside.

With the girls it seems to be all about the pink camelia petals, water and herbs, so am wondering if Baby Boo will be into these or whether he'll be straight for the mud when he gets playing in the kitchen - so far he's definitely a mud boy!


  1. Oh wow! What a delightful outdoor kitchen! I'm still hoping to create a space like this for my girls, yours is inspiring! :) I've pinned this so I can come back to it! Thanks for sharing, they look like they're having a wonderful time together!

  2. Thanks for sharing and linking to Tuesday Tots. Such a gorgeous post and lovely pictures. You've re-inspired me to get onto this outdoor kitchen project! I've featured it on Learn with Play at home this week so you're welcome to grab a featured badge :)


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