Thursday, 20 June 2013

Rainbow Colours Scavenger Hunt

We been having fun with a Rainbow Colours Scavenger Hunt.  With Shoeshine learning her colours and  Chick exploring sorting and categories, it was a great co operative activity and popular too!

We got our colourful plastic kitchen bowls out for this fun game.

Little Chick is just starting to learn to read so we did this simple matching game, getting the colours in rainbow order and then finding the right written name of the colour.  She did most of it by saying the colour name out loud, then working out what the first letter sound was and trying to find it.  We then got hunting for colourful things.

Shoeshine went hunting with the red basket.

And when that was full, she went hunting for purple things.  Chick of course had the pink bowl!

When we'd collected things for all the bowls, we chatted about the different colours and their names.  With Chick we also talked about sorting by colour and did some more sorting, by their feel (soft or hard), what they are made of (fabric, metal, plastic) and size. 

I'm also looking forward to having a go with an nature version of this game with an egg box that's had each section painted a different colour, an idea I've seen several times on the web.

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  1. What a lovely blog with lots of nice ideas. I found you through Delivering Grace.


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