Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Autumn Leaves Simple Maths & Numeracy

If you're like us and have collected a lot of fallen leaves over the last few weeks, here's a few ideas for some fun, playful maths with them.

Underpinning a lot of complex maths are some key basic skills.  These skills become more complex as the maths becomes more difficult but at a basic level involve things such as sorting, ordering, counting, measuring and making patterns.  Living Maths has a good summary of these basics and others.  Maths doesn't really start with worksheets of sums so we enjoy making maths with the things we find or things around the house.  Many things collected outdoors or from around the house make great maths aids - buttons, seashells, sticks, beads, counters etc.  Here our autumn leaves were put to some good maths use!

Sorting by size

Sorting - by colour
Also Sorting - by shape/type

Writing practice writing down the numbers, you could also do this as a tally using gates to introduce another maths theme.

Ordering - by colour


Other Maths ideas for Leaves: (adapt depending on age)

Patterns - make repeating patterns and sequences with type of leaf or colour of leaf or both for increased complexity.
Symmetry - use a stick or string create a line down the middle, create a pattern on one side with a few leaves and get them to create the mirror image on the other side of the line.
Measurement - length, width using a ruler or lego blocks or measure the area (non-standard area, drawing round leaf on graph paper) or perimeter with string.
- Create a bar chart with each different type of leaf.
Skip counting - line up in two rows and count in twos.

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  1. Oh Ellie, those leaves are gorgeous. We're having loads of fun with fallen leaves in the playground but nothing as beautiful as yours.


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