Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Autumn Woodland Story Box -,Small World Play

With all the lovely autumn things we've collected over the past few weeks and a few felt animals, we created an autumn story box.  Current favourite books are all about woodland animals having various adventures.  So this box was perfect for encouraging some retelling and acting out the stories they know as well as creating new adventures.  Great for literacy skills, as well as learning about woodland animals and their habitat.

Popular books at the moment are the Brambly Hedge series by Jill Barklem, The Adventures of Fern Hollow series by John Patience and the Foxwood Tales by Cynthia and Brian Paterson. 

I cut out some felt animals that were requested whilst the girls busied themselves making nests, burrows, trees, logs and making stores of food for the winter.  We used a medium sized cardboard box to put it all in. 

We had a couple of squirrels, a fox, badger, rabbit, hare, snake, mole, two hedgehogs, an owl and a bat.  Whilst we made them we also talked about where the different animals might live in the wood and what sort home they would make and also what they might eat, learning a bit about the woodland habitat.


There was lots of conversations, adventures, stories, playing together and it was lovely listening to it all. (It's not like this all the time, so it's a pleasure when it is and definitely something to cherish as a parent.)

 Other autumn small world play ideas: We love Sun Hats and Wellie boot's Nocturnal Animals and The Imagination Tree's Hedgehog Hibernation Exploration Basket


  1. So sweet! I love the idea of the felt cut outs included in here.

  2. I love this I could use the idea with my preschooler and also with my reception age child developing the story telling for their age. Thank you so much for linking up to Tuesday Tots and letting you know that I will be featuring this over on Rainy Day Mum this week.


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