Monday, 25 November 2013

Autumn Natural Paints

Homemade natural coloured paints, made from spices, tea and fruit infusions made for some lovely soft watercolour style painting in autumnal colours.

Painting is an often requested activity and making some natural paints has been on our list of things to try for a while.  These were super simple to make and stored in a jam jar with lids they have lasted a couple of weeks.

The paints were turmeric, chilli (I would have used paprika or tandoori masala powder if I was concerned they might taste them), tea and a blackberry fruit infusion.  I added boiling water to each of them, stirred them and left them overnight to intensify in colour. 

The blackberry infusion was a pinky red paint that dried pale blue - some science there to explore.


The tumeric gave a lovely bright yellow colour.

The wind blowing the leaves from the tree by my 5 year old.

What other natural simple paints could we make?  And would these paints work on fabric?

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