Monday, 4 November 2013

Sand and Glitter Fireworks Art

It's Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night tomorrow and each year we do a bit of firework art.  This year we used sand, glitter and glue to create some explosive art, using the same technique as these thank you cards with sand, glitter and glue we made a while back.  Previous years we have done Firework Pipe Cleaner Printing and Firework Splatter Art.  


Using a cotton bud, the girls made firework patterns over their paper with the glue.

We then put the gluey pictures in a tray and they were liberally sprinkled with coloured sand and confetti glitter.

The pictures were then tipped up and the excess sand and glitter tapped off into the tray, before being left to dry.

The girls enjoyed a good production line of pictures!

Looking forward to the real thing tomorrow!

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