Monday, 4 November 2013

Scratch Art Firework Pictures

As well as our Sand and Glitter Firework Art we also did some other firework pictures today, these are scratch art using wax crayons and black acrylic paint.  For other firework art ideas see here for our Firework Pipe Cleaner Printing and Firework Splatter Art.  Fireworks are so great for art - full of colour, explosion and no two ever the same.

The picture above is Chick's (5.5 years) work and the top picture is mine - I had a lot of fun too! 


We coloured in sheets of A4 paper with wax crayons.  We found that the wax crayons needed to be applied firmly and thickly to get the best effect.


We then covered our pictures with a layer of black acrylic paint.  A thin coat seemed to work the best.  Once dry we scratched our firework pictures using a wooden skewer.

Meanwhile Boo is wanting to be involved in everything at the moment and had fun drawing, although I wasn't about to let him loose with the black acrylic paint just yet, and as he wasn't going to be able to do the scratch part, he got to paint with coloured water instead.  

 I don't have a picture of Shoeshine's (3.5 years) as her picture didn't turn out very clear and was quite faint so I couldn't get a photo of it.  I think this was due to a rather thick coating of acrylic and not enough coverage with the wax crayons.  Whilst she enjoyed doing it, I would say this activity was much more suited for my older one, because of the pressure needed for both the wax crayon colouring and the scratching and the lighter touch required for the acrylic paint. It might have worked better if we had used oil pastels instead as these may be lighter to work with.

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  1. That is such a great idea, my kids love scratch art and I'm going to get right on this activity!


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