Sunday, 8 December 2013

Styrofoam and Cookie Cutter Printing: Christmas Wrapping Paper

Each year we make some of our own wrapping paper in preparation for Christmas.  This year was an extravaganza of printing materials in some festive colours of green, red and gold.


We used a styrofoam print made using cookie cutters and a pizza base.  This has been something I've wanted to try for a while.  Using cookie cutters I printed the shapes, then with a knitting needle I carved out the print and added a bit of pattern.  This was quite hard and I don't think the girls would have managed it yet.  The girls then used a lino roller to add paint and print.  My five year old really enjoyed making these prints but my 3 year old found it a bit too slippery and difficult and found the simple cookie cutter and apples much easier to print with.

As well as making the styrofoam print we also used a number of other items for printing.

Simple cookie cutters.

Finger printing.


And printing with apples and leaves.

Shoeshine's finished wrapping paper.

Chick's sheet of wrapping paper.

And getting ready for Christmas!

Last year we did Snowflake sponge printing wrapping paper and the year before we did simple Cookie Cutter Printing.


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