Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Lost and Found Story Box


 Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers, is the story of a boy and a penguin who arrives on his doorstep one day and seems to be lost.  The boys tries to help the penguin find his way home, but in the end realises that the penguin is not lost but is just lonely and so the boy and penguin set out together.


 This beautiful book, with it's gorgeous illustrations is just perfect for creating a story box.


Using toilet rolls, lolly sticks, an egg box some paint and bits of cardboard, Chick (age 5) created this little story box.

Story boxes are a great way to encourage creativity, story telling and language skills and Chick really enjoyed doing this one, carefully painting the characters, thinking about what materials to use, practicing her writing skills withe South Pole sign and the Lost and Found Office.


The penguin left at the South Pole!

Having looked at the photos just now, a thought just occurred to me, that this would also make a great photo book or a simple animation set for a short film if you had suitable technology.


The penguin and boy back together at last.

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  1. Nice work! I like his books, we've read that one and have How to Catch a Star. Good to see you posting again, I was just thinking I hadn't seen anything from you for a while. Hope you're all well.


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