Sunday, 27 July 2014

Footprint Printing

Whilst we had the paints out last week for our sunflower printing I decided it was worth doing more printing and there was a request for footprint printing.  Thankfully the sun was shining and we had a quiet day planned otherwise I think I might have said no, definitely one for outdoors and when you're happy that everything is a mess!

 I found that watering down the paints slightly stopped that gloopy thing where the paper comes away with the foot on the first step.  It also seems to keep the coverage of paint thinner so that the paper can cope with numerous walking trips across it without becoming slippy or sodden, although we did end up with a few rips.

I also found it good to suggest that our two year old step in the paint tray one foot at a time to prevent him slipping over, the older two were fine with both feet in squelching the paint.


Lots and lots of footprints

Very popular but not for the mess adverse!

See the pictures now reminds me of the Footprints in the Sand poem.  It's always good to be reminded that whatever joys or challenges are children face there is someone walking alongside them and that we as parents are not parenting them alone.

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