Thursday, 10 July 2014

Lion Birthday Cake

The request was for a zoo themed birthday cake from our eldest who turned 6 earlier this year.  I couldn't resist a lion, although zebra came a close second, but wasn't sure about getting all that black and white icing not all squidged together to resemble more of a donkey, so lion it was!

The cake is the Hummingbird cake from the Hummingbird Bakery Book.  It's a banana and pineapple cake along similar lines to a carrot cake.  I used pumpkin seeds instead of nuts and halved the sugar.  To be honest I could have taken more sugar out as I find this book has some great recipes but it's definitely for the sweet tooth.  As I was going to ice it and decorate it with sweets I would definitely try leaving out the sugar completely next time as there should be enough sweetness from the bananas and pineapple as well as the icing.

For the icing I made a caramel icing. The eyes are licorice allsorts, the ears, nose and mouth are giant chocolate buttons, the whiskers are fudge pieces chopped up and the mane is a mix of chopped fudge and 'crunchie' bars. 

No marks for technical expertise but one happy daughter!

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