Baby Play

A Summary of our Baby Play Ideas (0-18 months approx.)


Baby Play: Colour Spin Art Mobile

Baby Play: Eggs and Egg Boxes

Baby & Toddler Play: Discovery Bottles


Baby Play: Autumn Treasure Box

Baby Play: Noisy Treasure Basket

Baby Play: Textures Treasure Basket

Books: Baby Favourites


Music and Singing: Create a Song Box

Salt Dough Baby Handprints

Baby Play: Fabric Textures Spring Chicks

Other Favourites:


Playing with Blocks


Playing with water, coloured water, bubbly water and ice.


Feeling the sand between your toes, crawling on fresh grass and digging in the soil. 

Playing with Bowls and Scoops.


Messy Play with Soil


Reading Books, books and more books!

And of course lots more time is spent sleeping, eating, enjoying the outdoors, exploring the seasons, helping with household chores, meeting friends and learning lots and lots of things.

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