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Welcome to Create with your Hands. 

I'm Ellie, Mum to two gorgeous girls and a baby boy.  Little Chick is 4, Shoeshine is 2 and Baby Boo was born in May 2012.  I am passionate about nurturing creativity, imagination and fun through play.  Formally a physio and now full time mum, I'm loving being able to spend so much time with my children at the moment and both the rewards and challenges that come with that.  Having children has greatly shaped me and I'm enjoying every minute of being taught so much by and through these little people in my life.  I started this blog as a way to share some of our creative fun as we have been so inspired by others who have shared their ideas.  I've also found it therapeutic to be able to write after a day of changing nappies, feeding children, playing games on repeat and constantly being asked 'Why!'  We love doing things with our hands, painting things, making things, growing things and cooking things.  We love playing with cake mixture, playdough, sand and water.  Rest assured this only makes up a small part of our week, around the usual jobs of washing, cleaning and shopping!

On this blog you will find ideas for simple early years fun around:

Outdoor Exploring
Imaginative Play
Messy Play
Baby Play
Books and Stories

Please feel free to have a look round, leave a comment or share with me some of your creative ideas.  I hope some of the ideas inspire you to get creative too! 

Thanks for stopping by.  Ellie xx


If you wish to contact me, drop me a line at elliemorrell@aol.com
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